Keep your investments from unwanted visitors! : Questions Asked and FYI and More!

Keep your investments from unwanted visitors!

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 01/05/16

Mice and Racoon s and Insect can play havoc on your Boats and Cars that are being stored.

Instead of moth balls
  (which are not good for you ) You can effectively repel moths and other insects by placing several drops of Lavender, lemongrass, cedar wood or rosemary on cotton balls or rags and hag it from your Garage, Boat or stored cars. nee socks make good containers for cotton balls or rags - you can hand inside you vehicle, garage or boat to ward off unwanted visitors- Eucalyptus also repels fleas.

Peppermint Spray for Mice and Racoon s.   Mice hate peppermint.  Add 2 teaspoons of peppermint essential oil to 1 cup of water and spray in areas where you think mice might frequent.  Make peppermint sachet with cotton balls, place them inside Boats, cars and garage. You can place cotton balls inside old medicine bottle that you have poked holes in and hand under the hood of you car to repel mice from eating the insulation around electrical wires - or hang on coat hooks by your headliner - they love taking your seat foam and making a nest in headliners. Or use the above nylon sock to hang also . You can also grow peppermint  and sprinkle peppermint leaves around you garage to keep them out too.  just cut sprigs and hank upside down to dry.  then you can crush them and sprinkle them in your garage or even around your boat. Raccoon do not like mints (peppermint) but the may put up with it when there is food - like a garbage can- but still can work.  Depends how bull headed  they are.

You can purchase essentials oils on line or at your local Health Food Store

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