All Glass companies are the same so the only difference is price ? Right? NO : Questions Asked and FYI and More!

All Glass companies are the same so the only difference is price ? Right? NO

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 11/08/15

When calling for glass prices is price the really only thing you are thinking about?  Here are a few thing we want you to think about BEFORE having your auto glass replaced.

  • Which end is the quality of the glass you are putting into my vehicle?  Is it a China Aftermarket glass or from a quality supplier like Pinkerton and PGW?
  • Is it used?  You may have to ask if it is a super low price. We do not recommend used when replacing your windshield. Contamination of urethane's is always a concern for quality seal the will keep your windshield in place if your airbags blow..
  • What kind of urethane are they using - the cheep stuff that dries in a week?  or in cold weather are they using  one that has a drive away  time in ONE Hour at  very low temperatures?
  • This one is my favorite: Are they replacing your moldings with a cheep aftermarket molding that is sold by the box - or are they using one make for you make and model by Precision  moldings or Gold group?
  • Another favorite:  Some glass companies "cheat" your windshield in , by that I mean  they pry on your cowl (bottom molding ) that should be removed and do not even place urethane on the bottom. (I have personally witness this in a few shops) This saves the glass shop employees time so the can do more glass volume, or if they are on the road they have so many the slop them in and onto the next job..  Really, do you want sloppy service or one that the tech took his time to make sure everything is  cleaned and primed before the install?  Problem is you will not notice this because water does not run uphill.  
  • Is the person going to work on your car a newbie?  Or a season pro?

Just a few things to think about....I know, but I have been doing this for over 25 Years,, I have even seen windshields that have been put in with silicone....I have been at local shops that have done the above....  We do glass like we are doing it for one of our children, our Grandmother , and or Mom's .... its not popular... it cost more... but we know we are doing our best job, with the best products.... we are not getting rich ... we are happy , and we can sleep at night...

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