2004 Volkswagon Beetle
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 Some top operations, when their is more than one sensor, motors and functions, can only be reset at the dealerships. 

When your convertible top is replaced, it is necessary to have a "break-in" period for your new top. We usually recommend a break-in period  of one  to two weeks.  

A break in period is required for two reasons.  Once installed on the car , convertible top materials stretches.  Depending on the time of the year, this stretching process takes one to two weekshes out it shoulvnice tight look.  For best results it is important for the stretch process to happen without interruption. 

Second, as the top stretches out in some places, it will tighten up in others.  As the top changes, so will positions of the frame, pads, and seals. 

This"settling -in" process will affect things's like effort to close the top, wind noise, and weather tightness.  Generally all these things will improve as the top settles in place. 

As a convertible top frames age, links and joints wear and top frames do not have the same alignment as when convertibles were new.  Leaving convertible tops and glass windows in the up position after installation allows them time to relax and adjust, or become " seasoned" to the top frame.  Always follow the instruction in you Owner's Manual for lowering and raising of your Top.  Always keep well free of objects -a harmless item such as beach towels can cause glass windows to break.

The average top last around 7-10  years
 depending on where you live and how it is taken care of.. 

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Convertible Top Frame, pads,cable top and rear window breakdown
Is your Convertible Top Worn? Torn? Leaky?
Clear plastic is arguably the most difficult surface to maintain on your vehicle. It scratches fairly easily and, since the surface is transparent, scratches are very noticeable. If your clear plastic on your dashboard and radio display are scratched, you know how those imperfections can cloud the plastic and decrease your visibility. On your headlight covers, scratches fill with dirt and road grime so your headlights appear to be turning brown. But the plastic of convertible tops is the worst for clouding and yellowing. Restore your clear and colored plastic with Plastic Polish.
Plastic Polish was formulated to clean, shine, and protect colored and clear plastics. It is highly versatile and can be used on anything from the plastic gauge cluster cover on the instrument panel to convertible top windows. The best part is it actually fills in tiny scratches and nicks to make your plastic appear perfectly uniform and smooth. Plastic Polish is a true polish, and can tackle even the seemingly baked on yellow film and cloudy streaks from the most sensitive plastics, like your convertible top windows.  Plastic Polish clarifies clear plastics and restores colored plastics so every surface in your vehicle looks like new.

 Plastic Polish does a lot more than improve the appearance of plastic; it’s a strong protectant as well. Regular use diminishes the harmful effects of sun, smog, water stains, and airborne contaminants. Armed with tough, long-lasting polymers, Plastic Polish acts like a shield, defending your automotive plastics from daily exposure to the elements.

Look to Plastic Polish to restore and protect all your plastic surfaces for an all-over clean and maintained vehicle.


Avoid high pressure car washes, as they can damage the top material.  Also, increased water pressure may force water past tops and weather strips

Do NOT Wash Your Convertible in a Drive-Through Car Wash

Car wash operators will tell you it's okay, but based on our experience a drive through car wash damages a convertible top, especially if it has a plastic window in back. You may not notice it after a couple of passes, but the heavy equipment inside the washing tunnel stretches the top's fabric. It also scratches, yellows and delaminates plastic windows. It's better to wash it at home or use one of those self-serve car washes.

2004 Volkswagon Beetle
We do not replace convertible tops on:
 1971-1976 Scissor tops or Antique Vehicles
1991 Ford Mustang convertible new top and white leather installed
Convertible top frame with top removed, pads, cables
Another look at the cadillac with top installed
Caddillac after new top , pads,cables and rear window installed
Baby blue top
Porche Boxter Convertible top replacement
Convertible top before photo
Another before photo
convertible top replacement after
1970 Chevelle convertible top replacement
Another look at the 1970 Chevelle convertible top replacement
White Corvette Convertible top Replacement
Color is always an option
Porche boxter top replacement