When the weather get frosty- here are a few thing to think about... : Questions Asked and FYI and More!

When the weather get frosty- here are a few thing to think about...

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 01/11/16

When the weather gets into the teens,
 you need to be aware of some things.

  1. Warm up your car for at least 3 minutes
  2. Wipe down the door frame. Clean the entire door frame to remove road debris and other detritus that can build up over time. Water can collect around the dirt and freeze the door shut once the temperatures drop.
  3. Push gently on your doors to loose the ice has a hold of your door's weather strips.  you could break your door handle if everything is frozen together
  4. Keep a de-icer product in your garage or winter jacket, in case you are frozen out of your car. These are typically sprayed directly onto the lock, and are the most effective option in severe ice conditions. Choose the lock with the least amount of ice buildup, spray, and insert the key.
  5. If your windshield washer is frozen - try adding rubbing alcohol to the mix. It will keep it from freezing and help melt ice on your windshield .
  6. DO NOT ROLL YOUR WINDOW DOWN! Window regulators are fragile at times in cold weather.  Cables and plastics get brittle and can easy break or bend when forced.

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