Windshield moldings with a windshield replacement : Questions Asked and FYI and More!

Windshield moldings with a windshield replacement

by Sueann Blackwell-Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim on 05/07/24

Some people are totally confused about windshield moldings and windshield replacements-Some don't even know how bad their molding really are to begin with or take in the age - and how weather conditions take there toll on these plastic moldings.    I even added information on our website about the different kinds of moldings on vehicles.. these moldings are decorative- they hide the space between the A pillar and the gap between the windshield .  Some of these moldings are body moldings and they are reused- and when weathered and  old are brittle and can get warped just taking them off a vehicle.  These moldings depending on the age of a vehicle might be available from the dealer or could be discontinued  (most OEM are being discontinued after 5 years) - we do our best to take these molding of without damaging them but most of the time these are a plastic type molding and sometimes the OEM  had two face tape on them which can not be reapplied.  Some you can see the damage hard cracking of the rubber and some so brittle they just fall apart.

 These are ALL extra expenses  not in the original quote.  It  goes for all glass shops that install glass- not just ours. 

What makes it harder is if it is an insurance job - these moldings need approval (since they are not required to be replaced by NAGS National Auto Glass Service) Which could mean and extra week time to wait for approval.

 Moldings that are meant to be reused - and then the customer thinks they should be included - they are not - They are decorative  -they  aesthetic   of the body -  they have NO influence on the windshield install - they do not stop leaking - they do not "Seal the Windshield"  They do not make your vehicle unsafe to drive.........  so go to our Auto Glass page and see moldings and you will find out more information on Glass Moldings....  

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