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Auto glass replacement uphosltery Auto glass replacement uphosltery
Auto glass replacement uphosltery Auto glass replacement uphosltery Auto glass replacement uphosltery
Auto glass replacement uphosltery Auto glass replacement uphosltery
8606 Mississippi Street   
  Merrillville IN 46410  
   (219) 769-1905
9:00 am to 5pm
 Monday - Friday

Does your commercial vehicle interior running down? 
 Are you employee's sitting on seat frame?  
We specialize in auto seat upholstery- getting your vehicle done so you can get back to work faster- most cases same day service 

We can help -- We specialize in commercial vehicles: Like Trucks, Semi's 

Services We Provide:

Seat Repairs/ Upholstery 
Foam Repairs or Replacements
Tonneau Covers
Bed Liners
Tool Boxes
Windshields and other glass replacements
door glasses that do not work
Windshield repairs
Side Mirror glass replacements 

   Vehicles We Work On:

  Tow Trucks 
  Police Cars
  Golf Carts
  Landscaping Truck Landscaping Trucks

  We do Headliners for *Most* Cars

  Seats for Lawn Equipment
  Patch Work for torn panels
  Replace the Foam On the seats

Tonneau Covers for your Trucks
Mud Flaps
Utility Truck Seat
A lot of times the seats covers are in really bad condition
the after - yes it is night and day difference
Yes, we do lots  of Semi Trailer Seats- this one was a custom job
Even your work truck sometimes needs new upgrades to new vinyl covers
auto fleet upholstery
2009 Ford E Van - rebuilt the pass seat foam and remade the bottom cover
2009 Ford Econoline Van 2nd row seat -
For our Fleet and Body Shops: 

For repairs, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against cracks. If the glass were to crack out from the repaired location, we will credit the amount paid for the repair toward a replacement. If the glass cracks during the repair process, you will not be charged.

This warranty is valid as long as you own the vehicle, and is non-transferable. Any issues must be reported within 30 days of notice and all warranty work is to be handled directly through Merrillville  Auto Glass & Trim.  Any warranty work done outside of Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim  will not be reimbursed and will void all future warranty coverage.

This warranty does NOT cover any issues caused by preexisting damage or rust. If there is any damage or rust on your vehicle at time of service, the technician will make every available attempt to inform you and document the issue. Any damage that occurs during  installation is covered, but must be reported within 24hrs.(other than glass breakage)   Any reports made after this time are subject to refusal on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to discontinue service at any time if we feel the safety of the installation or our technician is at risk.

We do not offer a warranty on installation of used parts and/or new provided parts 

We do not offer a warranty on a removal and re installation of any part.

If the glass breaks while installing a provided new/used part, or during a removal and re installation, you will only be charged a $45 service fee. Merrillvile  Auto Glass & Trim  is in no way responsible for the parts for these services, or damage done by exploding tempered glass,  nor will any guarantee be made to the safety and longevity of the installation. The customer assumes all responsibility for these services.