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Tonneau Covers Merrillville IN
Hard Roll-Up Covers  BAK REvolution 2

We also offer "hard roll-up" tonneau covers which feature a soft vinyl layer covering a wall of individual aluminum slats. In the fully closed position, these slats line up and lock in place to form a hard shell that can support a great deal of weight (up to 400 pounds in some cases). If you carry cargo that tends to shift or bounce around underneath a tonneau cover, hard roll-up tonneau covers are strong enough to serve as a barrier to keep things in place instead of falling out. Plus, they're highly theft-resistant. They may cost a little more but if you truly need the protection hard roll-up covers offer, the money spent on them may be well worth it. We've got the Truxedo Titanium Hard Rolling cover and the BAK Revolver X2 rolling cover.
​Roll-Up Tonneau Covers: Are construckted using quality vinyl and use Velcro as there closing application 

Snap Tonneau Covers: 
 A variation of the roll up tonneau cover, they come in roll-up or hinged design. generally consist of an aluminum frame that clamps to your truck's bed with a snap-dow cover attached to the frameThese 

Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers - Tri-fold covers come in soft or hard. Tri fold Tri-F fold into three separate sections which can easily be flipped up to gain access to Tri-F bed.

They also have ToolBox Tonneau covers- they are made to connect to the toolbox - they may not be combatible with all tool boxes.

 Questions to Ask When Buying a Tonneau Cover

One of the more popular pickup truck accessory upgrades or
enhancements is a tonneau cover (also commonly referred to as
a truck bed cover.) Whether you are using your truck for work or
leisure, a truck is not fully functional or complete unless it has a
tonneau. In fact, in our eyes a tonneau-less truck is butt-naked.
We're guessing you're here because you're thinking about
covering up your truck's bare behind. However, a tonneau cover
can be an expensive purchase and there are some important
questions you should ask yourself when you are considering
buying a Tonneau Cover

No matter what type of tonneau cover you want or need, it must fit certain specs, like your budget, before you know it’s the right one for you. Roll and snap covers are usually the cheapest style, starting around $300-$400. Retractable bed covers come in at over $1000, so keep that in mind when you want superior usability and design, you’ll have to pay for it. But here at the Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim, even the inexpensive covers are top quality and are made to last, so you’ll get more than what you bargain for either way.

We can all agree that Tonneau Covers are really visually appealing. They provide a classy element to the image of your truck, covering up the dirty bed that is typically visible. But the benefits of a tonneau cover goes way deeper than this aesthetic appeal.

There are five major benefits of a tonneau cover that we’re going to go over , each of which is a major reason that every truck owner should have one.

1. Safe transport of your equipment or luggage

The most obvious benefit of a tonneau is the protection of whatever you are hauling. Whether it is equipment for a long day of work, luggage for a family trip or a bed-full of mulch this spring, there is no safer way to secure your haul. A tonneau cover can protect you from rain, snow, wind, or whatever element crosses your path. And as you know, it is extremely important to have year-round protection in Midwest Area. 

2. Improved Gas Mileage

This may be the most overlooked advantage of a tonneau cover, but it is in fact a big benefit. Due to the aerodynamic design of a tonneau cover, your bed will generate less air drag. This will increase your gas mileage by around 5%, though some vehicles are able to save as high as 10% gas mileage, compared to an open bed.

With these savings, your tonneau cover will pay for itself over time!

3. Increased Security

Keeping your precious cargo out of sight and out of the mind of potential thieves is a great step in protecting your equipment. A truck bed cover does just that; covers up whatever you are hauling, keeping it out of plain sight. In addition to simply concealing what you’re carrying, many tonneau covers also come with some sort of locking mechanism, which helps to completely protect whatever you put in the bed of your truck.

4. Organization

How many times have you loaded up your truck and driven around, just to find later that everything in your truck spilled or shifted? Well, don’t be caught in this annoying dilemma again. Tonneau covers help to keep things in their place, protecting against the wind that so often attributes to the shifting of supplies. Load up your truck and trust that everything will be exactly how you left it when you arrive at your destination.

5. Value

With all of these features of a tonneau cover, your truck will do well to save you money now and make you more money upon resale. A tonneau cover will help to save you money from low gas mileage, lost/damaged cargo and theft. It will also protect the bed of your truck and help to prevent serious damage that will cause repairs to be needed. But upon reselling your truck, the bed will maintain much better shape than if the bed was exposed. This will help to maintain the value of your vehicle, more than paying for itself down the road. So don’t just upgrade your vehicle; invest in your vehicle with a tonneau cover.

So now you need to answer these questions? 

1. What is your main purpose of adding a tonneau to your
pickup truck?
Are you looking for function, security, looks, versatility or easy
removal?  With or without a tool box?  Cargo system?  

2. Hard or soft, that is the question?
Hard tonneau covers traditionally cost more and offer more
security, especially if you have  locking  tailgate.  Soft tonneau covers generally are less expensive but are more versatile.

3. How often do you need access to your truck bed and to
what extent?
Do you need quick access to the entire truck bed on a daily basis or just occasional access? Both hard and soft tonneau's areavailable in folding, retracting and hinging designs. Most offereasy tailgate access and select hard tonneau covers also lock the
tailgate when the cover is locked. A hard retracting or soft roll-upcover can quickly be opened for virtually full truck bed access,without needing to remove the cover. Soft and hard hinging tonneau covers can be lifted open but require some extra effort if
you need to fully remove them. Soft folding tonneau covers caneasily be totally removed or folded forward for bed access. Whereas hard folding tonneau covers can be folded forward for bed access but are more difficult to fully remove.

4. What's your budget for a tonneau cover?
Soft covers generally cost $300 to $550 where as hard covers
start at about $500 and go up to over $2,000.

5. Who is installing the tonneau cover?
Most soft tonneau covers can be installed in 1 hour by someone with limited mechanical skills. Hard tonneau's generally can be installed in 1 to 2 hours by someone with limited mechanical skills. However, most covers work best only if they are properly
installed. If you don't line up a rail correctly on a roll-up tonneau if may be more difficult to close. If you missed the correct seal placement on a hard tonneau it may not be as water tight. Softtonneau covers tend to be more forgiving on the installation than a
hard tonneau.

6. Do you want to have the tonneau on your truck all the
time or just occasionally?
Most tonneau covers are a clamp on style installation. This generally requires a hand tool or two. However, soft tri-fold tonneau covers install with hand clamps which allows this style of tonneau to be installed or completely removed in seconds.

7. How tall is your truck?
If you have a lifted pickup, a roll-up, snap, folding or hinging coverwill be harder to use since your truck is so tall. A hard tonneau,which is heavier, compounds the situation more. If your truck islifted you may need to get onto the tailgate to operate the cover.

8. The bed liner dilemma. Do you have this issue?
There are 2 basic designs of bed liners; under the rail and overthe rail. A pickup truck equipped with a under the rail bed liner will not have any issues installing a tonneau cover. A pickup truck with an  over the rail bed liner, (this bed liner is wrapped over the bed
rails of the truck bed on each side and protect the top of the truckbed), can be very difficult to install. Especially if it's an inside the bed mounted tonneau, it squeezes the width of the tonneau. If you have an over the rail bedliner, than most over the rail mounted
tonneau covers will work, but the installation will be trickier. If youhave an over the rail bed liner, its best to check with the tonneau cover you want to buy to make sure it will can be installed with an over the rail bedliner.

9. Are you planning to use the top of the bed rails? 

Will Hard Roll-Up Covers BAK Revolutions' 2We also offer "hard roll-up" tonneau covers which feature a soft vinyl layer covering a wall of individual aluminum slats. In the fully
closed position, these slats line up and lock in place to form a hard shell that can support a great deal of weight (up to 400 pounds in some cases). If you carry cargo that tends to shift or bounce around underneath a tonneau cover, hard roll-up tonneau covers are
strong enough to serve as a barrier to keep things in place instead of falling out. Plus, they're highly theft-resistant. They may cost a little more but if you truly need the protection hard roll-up covers offer, the money spent on them may be well worth it. We've got the
Truxedo Titanium Hard Rolling cover and the BAK Revolver X2rolling cover. more details on -
Roll-Up Tonneau Covers: Are constructed using quality vinyl and use Velcro as there closing application

Snap Tonneau Covers:

A variation of the roll up tonneau cover, they come in roll-up or hinged design. generally consist of an aluminum frame that clamps to your truck's bed
with a snap-down cover attached to theframe These

Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers - Tri-fold covers come in

factory or aftermarket bed rail caps limit your choices? Some tonneau covers are mounted inside the bed and some are mounted on the top of the bed rail. Most roll-up covers mount on the inside of the truck bed and this allows you have access to th etop of truck bed rail to add tie downs or bed rails (provide your truck has stake pockets). Other tonneau covers mount to the top of the truck bed rails and cover your stake covers if you have
them. As for bed caps, all tonneau covers will work with factorybed caps and most aftermarket bed caps. For aftermarket bedcaps, if they are smooth stainless steel or molded abs you won'thave too many issues. However, diamond plate bed caps can
make it harder to install any style of tonneau whether it's an ove ror inside the rail mount. As this kind of bed cap is generaly thicker and effects the tonneau seals and tonneau cover fit. If you have bed rails, bed caps or tie downs installed in your truck bed its best to check to make sure the tonneau you are looking to buy with work for you.

10. Tonneau cover maintenance.
 How much are you willing
to do?
Every tonneau cover generally has maintenance instructions. However, the more mechanical the tonneau, the more maintenance is required to extend the life of the tonneau cover.Soft tonneau covers should have the vinyl cover cleaned. Each soft tonneau manufacturer suggests various cleaning products and time period. Hard tonneau covers, depending on the style, generally have cleaning instructions for the top of the cover.
Retracting tonneau covers have cleaning instructions for the rails and canister.
Cleaning Your Tonneau Cover

Once you've installed your tonneau cover, you’ll need to know how to clean a tonneau cover in order to keep it looking its best. Lucky for you, cleaning a tonneau cover is a simple task that you can complete on your own. While it's always a good idea to consult your owners manual for specific care instructions, you can use the following directions as a general guideline for getting the job done. 

Find a shaded area, then spray your tonneau with water so it can soak while you prepare the cleaning solution.
Pour half a cup of car washing solution into a bucket and fill it with warm water.

Dip a scrub brush into the solution and use it to scrub the tonneau cover from the center to the edges. You’ll want to use a smooth side to side motion without applying too much pressure. If the dirt isn’t coming off right away, you may want to let it soak for about 5 minutes and then try again.

Rinse the cover with clean water and allow it to dry completely.
Note: For soft tonneau covers, use a tonneau cover cleaner that offers UV protection and conditioners to keep your cover in top shape. We carry UV protectors in stock to keep your investment look great. 

We Carry Cleaning Products at Merrillville Auto Glass & Trim 
BAK Flip Tonneau Cover
Unlike some other truck bed covers, the BAK flip tonneau cover
lies flush with the bedside instead of the top, giving you optimal
rear visibility. One of the best patented features, however, is that
it’s uniquely designed to fold upright against the cab if you need
full access to the whole truck bed. This allows you to transport
5th wheels, motorcycles, or even quads without having to
completely remove the tonneau cover.

Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover
If you’re looking for something quick and simple, it doesn’t get any
more user-friendly than the Extang Solid Fold tonneau cover. With
an innovative front and rear clamp design, these tri-folding
tonneau covers can be installed in just seconds, no tools required!
This is an industry exclusive feature.

Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover
Fast and simple could be the motto of the Extang Trifecta
tonneau cover. Designed to be both attractive and user-friendly,
this tonneau cover can be installed in minutes without any tools
thanks to the industry exclusive front and rear clamp design. As
soon as you install it, you will see your gas mileage improve by up
to 10%, meaning Extang tonneau covers essentially pay for
themselves! Also be sure and checkout the Extang Trifecta
Signature Tonneau Cover.

Lund Genesis Snap Tonneau Cover
Custom fitted for each truck, the Genesis Snap tonneau cover
has an incredibly easy installation that can be done in less than 20
minutes with no tools or drilling required. The extra-thick bows
and rails are designed for a long life. Heavy-duty powder coating
protects it from damage, and the bows have a strong arch
support to keep water or snow from building up. Water damage is
also prevented by the snug fit of the integrated rear tailgate seal.
Plus, this tonneau cover uses sliding plastic Insulsnapsª instead of
metal snaps, to avoid scratches, chips, and corrosion.

Lund’s Genesis Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
TheGenesis Tri-Fold tonneau cover arrives fully assembled and
ready to install in less than two minutes. From the black matte
finish to the black rails and bows, the all-black styling of this
tonneau cover makes it an incredibly sleek choice. Plus, the high
quality, double-sided fabric makes it durable and highly resistant
to tearing. The clamps have a quick release feature that is simple
to use, and it has a cam-action design to ensure the cover
remains tight and secure. If at anytime you prefer to leave the
Genesis Tri-Fold tonneau cover in its open position, you can
simply secure it with buckle-style straps.

Lund Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Protect your truck bed and any cargo that’s in it with the Genesis
Roll Up tonneau cover. Rain and snow will no longer be a
concern, as the heavy-duty tear-resistant fabric is built to be
weatherproof and black powder-coated aluminum ribs keep water
from pooling. These match the black rails and bows, which are
not just stylish but also have a heavy-duty Velcro sealing system
that makes it incredibly easy to open and close. Plus, a unique
feature this tonneau cover brings to the table is an automatic
tension control that is actually built into the latch, saving you both
hassle and time. Because it’s pre-assembled, it takes less than
20 minutes to install with no drill required.
View all Lund Tonneau Cover

Truxedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover
Ready for the fastest tonneau cover install in the industry?
Truxedo claims they’ve done it with simple clamp-on side rails and
a spring-loaded header guide that quickly installs in mere minutes.
And don’t think you’re exchanging quality for ease of install with
the Truxedo Lo Pro QT tonneau cover. You still get a low profile
design, automatic tension control, and Velcro brand fastening to
make sure the cover stays tight and secure. A hassle-free lifetime
warranty guarantees that this tonneau cover can stand the test of
time. You can also get a Harley-Davidson edition, which is
screen-printed with the famous H-D Bar & Shield.


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Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover
Put an end to the inconvenience of snap-style tonneau covers and
choose the Truxedo TruXport. This is a soft roll-up tonneau cover
that is not only economical but also looks fantastic and is
incredibly simple to install and use. You won’t find any “covered
wagon” style arched bows here, opting instead for a sleek, stylish
design. With dual latching, the tonneau cover quickly and easily
rolls up and stores at the front of the truck bed in case you need
to transport larger cargo. The easy clamp-on design allows you
to install in just a few minutes. With a 5-year warranty and an
affordable price, it’s a deal that’s well worth it.

• Truxedo TonneauTraX
If you’re planning on hauling a lot of cargo around in your truck
bed, the Truxedo TonneauTraX is probably you’re best choice. By
integrating a tie town track with its unique rail design, this tonneau
cover secures cargo in just a few easy steps. First, roll open the
tonneau cover to reveal the rail system and quick attach cargo
anchors. To position an anchor, simply pull the handle, slide it to
the location of the cargo, and lock it into place. Attach the
anchors to cargo with heavy-duty clamps. This will make sure that
your cargo remains secure and doesn’t get tossed around the
truck bed. Not to mention, you still get the great features that
come with other tonneau covers including durable Velcro brand
fastening, patented automatic tension control, weatherproof
seals, and a quick and easy no drill install. The lifetime warranty
guarantees the quality of every part of the tonneau cover,
including the fabric.
• Bestop Bestrail Tonneau Cover
Bestop offers the new modular Bestop BestRail System in
multiple tonneau cover models to make sure you get exactly what
you need. Both hard and soft Bestop tonneau covers are built to
perfectly fit any truck bed and provide easy access to the entire
space. If you really want cargo to stay organized, you can
separately purchase tonneau storage trays to keep things in
order. You can fit up to 3 of these storage trays with a lockable
hard tonneau cover. Constructed with the same high-quality fabric
that’s used for Bestop Supertops for Jeeps and trucks, soft
tonneau covers can also accommodate these storage trays. No
matter your preference, both hard and soft tonneau covers
reduce tailgate drag, increasing fuel mileage up to 10%
• Pace-Edwards JackRabbit Retractable Truck Bed

• Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock
Theft is always a concern when it comes to vehicles, especially
when you’re storing cargo in the bed of your truck. Pop & Lock
tailgate locks help to both prevent the theft of your tailgate and
increase the security of your tonneau cover or camper shell. If
you choose a manual lock, it easily installs into the tailgate. Or,
you can choose an electric tailgate lock that offers the
convenience of keyless entry and ultimate security. All patented
parts maintain the OE quality of your truck.